DivanoLounge won the New Design Award in the 2017 China National Fair

Divano Lounge China National Fair 1 - DivanoLounge won the New Design Award in the 2017 China National Fair

China National Fair is a big home industry chain exhibition, dedicated to building the world’s most valuable furniture and home industry trade platform, providing the most extensive cooperation and trade space for industry enterprises. The new award is the quality and design of the company’s products. Certainly, let innovation always be on the road.

On the evening of September 10, 2017, Tang Jun, inspector of the Department of Trade and Industry of the Ministry of Commerce, Xiang Xin, the special correspondent of the Ministry of Commerce in Shanghai, Li Jinqi, Chairman of the China Foreign Trade Center (Group), and Chu Shi, Chairman of the National Exhibition Center (Shanghai), China Xu Bing, Vice President of Trade Center (Group), Tang Guifa, President of National Exhibition Center (Shanghai), Ding Zuohong, President of China National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry, Wang Zhongqi, President of China Light Industry Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Zhang Bingbing, Secretary General of China Furniture Association, Guangdong Wang Ke, President of Provincial Furniture Association, Liang Naxin, President of Guangzhou Furniture Industry Association, Yan Zhiming, Chairman of Hong Kong Furniture Decoration Manufacturers Association, Wang Xiangyu, President of People’s Daily National Humanities History Magazine, and Chairman of Hongxing Meikailong Home Group Co., Ltd. Che Jianxin, Vice President Che Jianfang, Chairman of Jisheng Weibang Furniture Group Zou Wenlong, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Kenneth Jarrett, President of the US High Point Furniture Fair and CEO Tom Conley, Executive Chairman of the American Institute of Furniture Designers John Conrad, curated design exhibition Zhu Xiaojie and the head of the national industry association, Chinese and foreign As representatives of institutions, enterprises and foreign brands, more than 400 media representatives and other guests attended the celebrations.

Divano Lounge China National Fair 2 - DivanoLounge won the New Design Award in the 2017 China National Fair

Bright New award

Innovation is the soul of the progress of the Chinese nation. Innovating and developing is the rhythm of the innovation and development of the China National Fair. More and better and more energetic innovators are emerging! they are:

Yuanjian Yufeng (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd.

Dongguan City Multidimensional Shangshu Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Malati Furniture Co., Ltd.

Anji Fuhe Furniture Co., Ltd.

Foshan Liansheng Furniture Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Platinum Art Culture Co., Ltd.

Zhongshan DivanoLounge Furniture Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Vatican Home Decoration Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Amy High Furniture Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Taisen Furniture Nantong Co., Ltd.

Beijing Zhongrun Huayuan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.

Divano Lounge China National Fair 3 - DivanoLounge won the New Design Award in the 2017 China National Fair